New Products Available Now….

Hi…here are two new products I’ve just finished developing… first off is a belt pouch designed to carry the Fallkniven DC4 Ceramic Whetstone… the other is a mask for the Wetterlings Foresters Fine Axe…this evolved because of Sir Jamie Burleigh of The Pathfinder School who asked me to make one … Continue reading

Latest Work & Bushcraft Show Update

hi….now edgekoting the final bits and i’m all set….its been a mad one…. angela has been nagging me to do a few of what she calls my ‘signature sheath’ so i’ve managed to squeeze some in….a nightmare to make lol….also some belts and the last batch of axe masks….i’ve made … Continue reading

Ray Mears Wilderness Axe Sheath, The First For Sale & Stock For The Bushcraft Show!

Hi….today the first customer, BCUK’er Steve13, received his new sheath and here’s the pic…I stamped it with a number 1 on the back to make it that little bit more special for him…glad you’re pleased mate! and today I did another video with Chris Caine which will be on his … Continue reading