Links to other websites of similar interest…everything for the discerning Bushcrafter, Survivalist or Prepper!

I’ve been lucky enough to become friends with most of the people show-cased here through forums such as BCUK and events such as The Wilderness Gathering…

…and make sure you’re at The Wilderness Gathering 2015 AND The BCUK Bushmoot too!…hope to see you there!!!

Bushcraft UK – my second home & the ultimate forum…join up! Now!

The Wilderness Gathering – Sir Roger Harringtons event made me fall in love with bushcraft…be there!

Dave Canterbury / Pathfinder – needs no introduction and a shout out out to Sir Burleigh!

Chris Caine Survival – 16 years living off-grid, designer of legendary tools, nuff said.

Dave Budd – most excellent bladesmith and most splendid fella!

Bison Bushcraft – Roger Harrington again…check out his knives!

Coastal Survival – Fraser Christian, expert in his field and superstar.

Mark Hill Knives – aka HillBill, pedigree, innovation, great blades.

Jamie Burleigh / One Foot Into The Wild – talk about energy! Chief Instructor at Pathfinder

Shark Designs – Mark & Helen, veterans of the UK bushcraft circuit and a lovely lot!

The Bushcraft Magazine – headed up by BCUK’ers Mafro & Bardster.

Will Lord….the legendary flint knapper!.

British Blades – the UK’s comprehensive knife forum.

The Bushcraft Show – bushcraft, survival, prepping?…something for everyone.

Field Farm Project – Nick & Molly, good friends with pedigree…taught me bow drill!

Backwoods Survival – Sir Patrick McGlinchey heads up Scotlands top school.

The Fabulous Fleece Company – Lucy, lovely lady with beautiful product.

Mike Mountain – a BCUK friend with a wide range of skills.

UK Preppers Radio Network – Tom Linden, well known on the UK outdoors circuit.

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