Sheath For A Battered Old Machete

Hi…a friend of mine found this old machete at a dump and asked me to do him a sheath for it…he said ‘no need to do anything fancy….a rough job will do’…..but being a lot wider at the end than the top wouldve required me to basically make him a ‘bucket’, so loose at the top it wouldve wobbled back and forth….well we cant have that can we, so instead I caused myself a whole ton of problems trying to make something that gripped the hardly curving blade firmly and fiddling around getting the strap ends to met up with the press stud bases at the correct angles….the bases need to be put in first so you never really know if youve got it right until the end…but its rock solid with zero movement and to be honest i’m glad its finished….yet to edgekote the edges but for now its going to one side…

comments appreciated!





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