Ray Mears Wilderness Axe…New Sheath Done!!!!!!

Hi….as you may know I received my new axe a couple of days ago and last night about midnight I started on the first template…by 3am it was clamped up whilst the glue dried….and I went to bed nervous lol…..

I decided to take a risk and go for one with a tooled border all the way round…the way I construct a sheath means that this is a pretty tricky thing for me to do because getting the front stitch line to match up exactly with the stitch line on the back once folded over is a nightmare…this is probably the best attempt at doing that I’ve ever managed so excuse me but I’m very happy lol! I also got all the measurements right and it fits like a glove, rock solid…usually, being fussy, I bin my first attempts but this is my keeper (please dont ask me to do another like it!)….

hope you like it and as always, comments welcome! it just needs the edges hand-painted with edgekote but as it’s still drying and the sun was out I decided to take pics now….






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One Response to Ray Mears Wilderness Axe…New Sheath Done!!!!!!

  1. joseph says:

    Wow! that is one beautiful sheath…much better than anything issued with the factory. A huge improvement on a great a fantastic tool. Great work!

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