Gransfors Bruk/Mears-Wilderness Axe Sheath – Brown & Brass – Facing Left

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Mears axe sheath in brown and brass

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This is for one Gransfors Bruk/Mears-Wilderness axe sheath in brown with brass. They are made of quality vegetable tanned full grain shoulder leather 3.5mm thickness range. I hand-cut and dye everything myself with Fiebings products and polish with brown finish. They are hand-stitched with black artificial sinew, burnished and bevelled, have a thick welt to protect the stitching and a brass press-stud and their edges are hand-painted with edge-kote. The stitching is ‘grooved in’ to protect it from damage and they’re embossed with my makers mark!

Please note…for your information, the boring but important stuff!:

1…Every hide I buy, and I buy from multiple leather dealers, takes dye and polish differently….sometimes a mix I make will appear darker on one hide and lighter on another. The photograph will give you a good idea of what to expect. If you require a very dark or very light one please drop me a line first.

2…I would recommend a customer abroad pays for signed for delivery. I know it’s an extra expense but for a peaceful and stress free life for everyone concerned I would advise it. If you choose not to please understand that I will not be responsible for the masses of postal systems around the world. I will obtain a proof of posting at very minimum anyway, but the choice is yours. Multiple-item orders/over £50 or so will usually be sent by signed for delivery. Please drop me a line if you would like international signed for delivery.

3…On a few rare occasions out of the hundreds of sheaths I’ve sold, a customer has discovered slight fitting issues, usually with the strap. I like to make my sheaths as tight and snug as possible for obvious reasons. All of the sheaths I make are fitted to my own personal axes. Due to the fact that G.B. axes are also hand-made, now and again a small problem arises. Please don’t be alarmed, it’s been very rare and the problem has always been resolved within minutes….just drop me a line and we can go from there. Please do not try to force the sheath or make adjustments prior to contacting me!

Here are the measurements for my own axes…:

American Felling Axe : head length 18cm….cutting edge from point to point 11.3cm
Mears / Wilderness Axe : head length 16cm….cutting edge from point to point 8.8cm
Scandinavian Forest Axe : head length 16.5cm….cutting edge from point to point 9cm
Small Forest Axe : head length 15cm….cutting edge from point to point 8cm
Hunters Axe : head length 15cm….cutting edge from point to point 8.5cm
Outdoor Axe : head length 11.9cm….cutting edge from point to point 6.5cm
Wildlife Hatchet : head length 13cm….cutting edge from point to point 7.7cm)
Small Hatchet : head length 10.3cm….cutting edge from point to point 6.4cm

I can also make these in black, with different hardware….or facing the other way….etc.


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