Firesteel With Hand-made Bog Oak Handle

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bog oak firesteel

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These fire-steels are hilted by myself with Bog Oak, which is many thousands of years old! It’s been finished off with two coats of Danish Oil and has a hole through it allowing you to attach thonging/paracord, should you wish to wear it around your neck.

The handle is hand-made by myself and is a nice size and fits comfortably in the hand and the ferro rod is 8mm diameter by 8cm long to start with (the remaining strikable length is about 6.5 to 7cm long. Over-all length is about 15cm and it comes with a metal striker.

I have many more firesteels in my website & ebay shops and I also make a firesteel holder that can be worn on the belt or around the neck…!

Extra info…: Magnesium / ferrocerium flint fire-steels make fire building easy and they can be used in all weathers, even in the wet! By dragging the striker along the rod, super hot sparks are created, which can then be transferred to your tinder…such as cotton wool, char cloth, fine wood shavings, dry grass etc. They are an essential tool for survival, military or outdoor activities, including fishing, camping, hiking or hunting trips.

The rod is made of a high quality ferrocerium / magnesium mix of metals and works great and yes, I use these rods myself for my camping trips!

Great for lighting campfires, gas stoves / BBQ’s
Lightweight, safe and easily carried
Bright sparks can be used as an emergency signal

Each steel can last thousands of strikes with proper use, it’s easy to do and there’s a ton of information online offering instruction…the best thing to use for first time users are cotton wool balls as they take the spark instantly and burst into yellow flame, easy peasy!



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