Axe Holder / Belt Loop – Brown & Brass – Smaller Size

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Smaller size loop to carry your axe on your belt…

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Product Description

These lovely hand-made leather belt-loop accessories allow you to easily carry your axe on your hip. They’re embossed with my makers mark and cut from lovely 3.5mm full grain shoulder leather and are hand-dyed with a custom mix of Fiebings brown and mahogany. They will comfortably fit a 2-inch wide belt and their dimensions are as follows…6.5cm wide…length 13cm. They’re strengthened with 6 heavy duty brass rivets and have had a good layer of ‘antique finish’ to give a nice polish.

This is the smaller of the two sizes I make and is designed primarily to hold hatchets rather than axes, such as at maximum the Gransfors Bruks Wildlife Hatchet as well as the G.B. Outdoor & Small hatchets…etc

For the larger size, please visit my web-shop or ebay shop links on the homepage!¬†Also available in black on request. Axe not included. Please be aware that there is sometimes a slight colour difference…each hide I get gives different results when it’s dyed….the item you receive will be similar to those in the pictures of the two axe loop listings in the website shop.


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