Old Kiln Forge Afternoon And An Apron Fix…

Hi…just got back from a visit to the Old Kiln Forge, based in the Rural Life Centre in Tilford which is near where I live in Hampshire.

It’s run by some very kool guys I’ve got to know on the circuit in the last couple of years, John, Nick & Andy.

John asked me to fix his blacksmiths apron which was literally being held together with string and after saying to him, ”John, you can buy these new very cheaply, why do you want me to go to these lengths?” I discovered that it was his first apron and personal to him so….being the softy I am….

and John made my son Oliver a present whilst we watched….goes very nicely with the necklace that Dave Budd made him…Olivers doing very well out of all this!

If you live in the area I recommend visiting the centre, some interesting stuff…and John and the guys do personal tuition as well as commissions….the forge is just lovely!






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