Sheaths with DC3, DC4 Holders

Here is a selection of sheaths that have an extra module fixed on, ideally to take the Fallkniven DC3 and DC4 sharpening stones, though of course you can put anything else in of similar size. The majority of my sheaths also have a firesteel holder that caters best for firesteels of 8-10mm diameter.

The knife in the picture is hilted by myself and the blade made by knife-maker Mark Hill, HillBill on BCUK…it’s very similar size as the Ray Mears Woodlore and Bushcraft knives… 21.5cm long total…blade length 10.5cm…2.5cm wide…handle circumference 9cm. The sheath will take anything similar in size as it has been specifically designed to cater for any ‘classic sized’ bushcraft knife. I usually have these available in my Ebay Shop…please see the link on the homepage!




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