Axe Belt-Loops and Masks

This section of the website contains the range of sheaths I make to fit primarily Gransfors Bruks axes…quite simply, beautiful axes! All are available for sale in my website shop.


Please note that I have regularly noticed size differences between two axes from the same range, sometimes as much as 1/4″…I have made my templates based upon the individual axes I had at the time. I recommend checking your own axe measurements against the ones in each item description to ensure an accurate fit.

Please click on the following links for more detail:

Axe Loops / Holsters
Gransfors Bruks Small Forest
Gransfors Bruks Scandinavian
Gransfors Bruks Wildlife
Gransfors Bruks Outdoor
Gransfors Bruks Hunters
Gransfors Bruks Small
Gransfors / Sir Mears Wilderness
GB American Felling
Wetterlings Foresters Fine



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