Latest Work & Bushcraft Show Update

hi….now edgekoting the final bits and i’m all set….its been a mad one….

angela has been nagging me to do a few of what she calls my ‘signature sheath’ so i’ve managed to squeeze some in….a nightmare to make lol….also some belts and the last batch of axe masks….i’ve made a lot more than is pictured and i never want to see another axe mask again in my life lol!

i’m having loads of new stuff available for sale and also items by perrari, who’s done me a few blanks (his bushy, mini-bushy and neckers…sorry i packed it up in the chaos and didnt get pic…will do at the show) and a huge box of knife-kits, walnut scales and hes also bringing a bunch of finished knives on the saturday…..hillbill who’s killed himself the last few days getting me a stack of blades done….and a few bits from dave budd.

cya all at the show!! i’m stresing but cant wait…and please pray for me that it doesnt rain!!!








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