Hand-made Hand-stitched Leather Firesteel Holder – Neck & Belt Carry

Hi…just finished a batch of these, now available in my ebay shop…hand-made/hand-stitched firesteel holders…theyre made from two different thicknesses of leather, 2.5mm and 4mm full grain veg tan and hand-dyed with Fiebings brown, stitched with black artificial sinew and polished up with brown ‘finish’. The loop on the back is rivetted down and will accomodate up to a 2inch wide belt. They can also be worn around the neck and come with a length of genuine 550 paracord. These have been designed around the swedish light my fire firesteel which is about 9mm thick…but it also grips 5/16th/8mm rods or thereabouts absolutely fine! I use one of these myself and find it indispensable!


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