Fire & Knives!

Welcome to my fire-steels and knives section!!

I use a variety of materials to hilt ferrocerium rods and blades…deer antler (which is also for sale in my shop and on ebay, please see links on homepage) and exotic and domestic woods. Each firesteel handle is unique because I don’t use a lathe…I ‘turn’ each one literally using my fingertips and a belt sander, which can be a painful experience!!


The ferro-rods themselves are high quality and I use them myself….please visit my website and ebay shops for my full available stock or drop me a line…I also have blank rods for sale!




Some people like to have their firesteel in their knife sheath, some like their firesteel loose in their pocket…but for those who want to wear it on their belt or around their neck, I make these, available in either my website or ebay shops…


I’d like to get into it more but simply havn’t found the time to dedicate properly…click the link below to view some of my amateur efforts…

***** Gallery of Knives *****

I’ve tried to use quite a variety of handle materials so far and and often use ‘mosaic pin’ for futher decoration, which I also make myself.




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