Chris Caine Survival Knife Sheath…The First One!!!

Hi everyone….here it is…the first of its kind….I’ve re-drawn the template and made a couple of cosmetic changes… the first ten I make will be numbered but the very first one is going to Sir Tom Linden of The UK Preppers Radio Network (and only his will have his initials on it!), a true gent who I’ve got to know a little recently and who has supported Chris and myself and is well known on the Bushcraft circuit:

I’ve been asked before to number my sheaths and I’ve always declined as I still see myself very much as a beginner and to do so seems a little arrogant as such but I’ve made an exception in this case for a multitude of reasons.



3.5+mm full grain veg tan shoulder, totally hand-made from cutting to edgekoting, dyed with Fiebings black and polished with several coats of black finish, nickel fittings, hand-stitched with black artificial sinew and embossed with both Chris’ and my logos, detachable belt dangler…

hope you like it and any comments appreciated! If you’d like me to make you one please drop me a line…also available in brown of course…I have a couple of blanks already cut out and will be working on more a.s.a.p.




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3 Responses to Chris Caine Survival Knife Sheath…The First One!!!

  1. Tom Linden says:

    You have done me proud sir, thank you very much. The quality gleams from the picture and just says this is one of Sonni’s hand tolled works of art.

    I shall wear it with pride my friend.

    “Surviving to Fight means Fighting to Survive”

  2. Wal Walters says:

    I would like one in black. Be very happy to be one of the ten numbered please.
    Please contacts as to how I can get one

  3. sonni says:

    hiya…both done….hope your moves going well tom, let me know when youre ready for me to post….

    and thanks for your email wal…glad youre pleased, may it serve you well!


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