Chris Caine Companion & Knife Sheaths

Hi…just finished these….made a few changes to the first Companion sheath design….bit longer to enable eyelet, moved the belt loop round a little and changed the flap size and angle which was a nightmare….very happy with it and this ones mine lol!

And first draft for Chris’ knife….in keeping with the shape of the blade I’ve tried to make something appropriate….hope you like and comments/critique appreciated as ever!





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2 Responses to Chris Caine Companion & Knife Sheaths

  1. Tom Linden says:

    I don’t think I have seen a nicer sheath for either blade but I would like one in black for my CC Survival knife. I will see you at the Bushcraft Show and get one from you.
    Well done beautiful workmanship.

  2. sonni says:

    thanks tom…consider it done!

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