Canvas & More!

Hi…a year or so back I bought my first Singer 201 sewing machine…I now own 17 of them haha! The idea was to start making canvas gear but I got completely side-tracked by the beauty and pure awesomeness of the 201 and ended up spending what little spare time I have restoring, repairing, cleaning, re-wiring and collecting the sewing machines rather than using them.









But finally by 2015 I got round to doing a bit. I’m no seam-stress or tailor but I wanted to start making very simple, strong and practical items. Like anyone else I’ve bags I like and don’t like and I’d also thought of a couple of bags that I would like to own so…I started off with a very simple wash-bag, then an axe-bag to carry my Gransfors Bruks Small Forest Axe, next was a tarp compression sack/bag with pocket for tent pegs and lastly, an improved version of my all-time favourite, the draw-string bag.





I’ve since started to develop a range of bags that should do for both urban and woodland day-to-day environment and as I get stock made it will be going into the website shop…take a look!:

The Tinder
The Tarp
The Forager
The Tidy
The Stroller
The Walker
The Rambler
The Bimble (coming sooner)
The Camper (coming later)
The Drawstring
The Shopper

Mostly they’ll be made with quality, heavy 15oz water-proof & rot-proof olive canvas and stitched with Gutermann Upholstery Thread on a freshly re-wired 70 year old Singer 201k-2 with an aim to making them all near indestructable lol!




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