Canvas & Leather Axe Bag


I made this axe bag first as its something I’ll use myself…I’ve woods just round the corner and have often wanted a bag just to take my axe and nothing else….I have various bags but just for my small forest axe alone theyre either too big or too short….

so…15oz canvas….opening is folded over and stitched for extra strength….and theres an extra ‘gusset’? at the bottom too for taking the wear from the axe head…stitched with gutermann upholstery thread on the 201-2 i re-wired, main seams all done twice….webbing straps have been sewn in about five times so should be strong as hell….quick release buckle and shoulder pad…leather-work by myself of course and a simple eye-letted-paracord closure…

the bag obviously needs to be this wide and long to cater for the g.b. s.f.a. and because of this fact the bag has quite a bit of space for other kit or another axe…

hope you like….





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