Canvas Bags Numbers 4,5,6,7,8,9 & 10 LOL!

Hi…yes it’s true…I’m totally addicted….in the last ten days I’ve made about 30 bags of various sizes and have about another ten cut, ready to be worked on…

Here’s the latest lot….the first picture shows an open-topped-shopper with 3-bar slider strap which is large enough to take a lap-top…it looks a bit rumpled in the pic but thats caused by the finish on the material when turning it inside out…its waxy…and that and the axe bag are made of MASSIVE waterproof 20oz canvas and have been bias-taped inside to prevent fraying, which I’ve noticed this heavy stuff is prone to….I’ve really gotta say, you need to see these in the flesh to appreciate how gorgeous and luxurious this material is. Seriously, its drool-worthy….if you like canvas, you’ll LOVE these.

The next pictures show a variety of sizes that I’ve made to determine what models I’ll go with for my finished range…15oz waterproof canvas. The one front-left with the circular patch on it is what I made for my son Oliver and has a velcro closure. There are two open-topped ones on the right that are ideal as foraging bags for mussels and the like and a couple more with closures for essentials like phone, keys, drink, diary, purse etc…

Hope you like…comments appreciated! I’ll be getting the first load up for sale A.S.A.P.







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2 Responses to Canvas Bags Numbers 4,5,6,7,8,9 & 10 LOL!

  1. nigel larry says:

    The bags look fantastic very practical and usable I love canvas when will they be available?

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