Canvas Bag Number 2…

Hiya…finished this yesterday…same 15oz waterproof olive canvas as before…two 1-inch straps for closure and a large 2-inch wide strap with shoulder pad for carrying (stitched in at 45 degrees to make it hang nicely)…Gutermann upholstery thread sewn on a Singer 201-2….leather badge with my logo….a re-inforced gusset at the bottom which, on the back is open, to make a ‘quick pocket’ (should’ve made it a little deeper)….it measures about 11×17 inches and comfortably takes a 10cm billy tin, knife, Gransfors Bruks wildlife hatchet and an osprey bottle with some room to spare…

I’ve cut six more blanks to make for sale with a few changes/improvements….hope you like!






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