Camo Cordura Compression Bag With Tent Peg Pocket For British Army Issue Basha

Hi…following on from the axe bag I wanted to make for myself I’ve now made this as the standard issue ones are completely carp as everyone knows…ok, they’re small and light but they’re also slippery, too small, difficult to use and to me, not good enough as I’ve always wanted something that will also contain my tent pegs…and the standard ones are not robust enough to have semi-sharp, angular, hard metal things shoved into them regularly.

So…this is only about 1.5 inches longer and unless you’re going to be climbing everest every day, the weight difference is not going to be noticed whatsoever. It has a pocket on the front large enough to accomodate more than enough tent pegs and the front flap can be gripped whilst stuffing in your tarp, which makes it a lot easier and theres still room left over for those who like to keep their paracord attached to their tarp. Two 1-inch straps not only aid with compression but also form the flap closure which then contains the tarp and also covers up the ends of the pegs. It’s made of waterproof 7oz camo cordura and everything is double to quadruple stitched with olive Gutermann upholstery thread on one of my Singer 201’s….

Hope you like, comments appreciated! I’ll be making some for sale soon!





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