Breaking News!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chris Caine Tools

Hi everyone…I’m proud to announce that as of tomorrow I will be a distributor for Chris Caine’s range of bushcraft and survival tools. The first consignment will be a few of each of his blades and here’s the good bit…by special arrangement with Chris we have agreed to offer his products to BCUK Members only at 10% less than the cheapest price available anywhere else. We are both like-minded as in we believe in putting back into ‘The Family’ and this will be a continual arrangement.

I do need to keep at least one of each of his blades for display purposes at my shows on the circuit but do not worry, I will be ordering many more very soon.

This has all happened quite quickly so please bear with me whilst I get things sorted out correctly…I have family obligations over the Easter period but will get back to you all a.s.a.p. If anyone wishes to purchase a blade from me please email…orders will be processed on a first come first served basis.

I’ll get prices up once the delivery has arrived.



ps I will also have a few of the famous Fairbairn-Sykes daggers

 photo compmk2_zps7abf3f20.jpg

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6 Responses to Breaking News!!!!!!!!!!!!! Chris Caine Tools

  1. Tom Linden says:

    Congratulations and well done Sonni

  2. Denis Holden says:

    guys chris caines blades are amazing after real abuse they allways keep there edge ive put mine through hell over the years and its never let me down

  3. steve says:

    Fantastic news mate.

  4. Tom Linden says:

    Chris’s knives, no I prefer Survival Blades as that is what they actually are. I trust my life to them and their build quality. Thank you Chris.

  5. Daniel Thomas says:

    That companion sheath is smart I love the look of it how much and do you have any ready made.

  6. sonni says:

    hi and thanks everyone for your input….email sent daniel, ta for your contact!



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