BCUK Member Question…Pricing Leatherwork

How do people go about pricing things they make and sell, leather wise?
Is it hrs taken? Material used? Pain in the **** factor?

just wondering as some people have asked me to repro some items for them and I havent a clue on ££££



hiya….just wanted to say how warming it is from my p.o.v. to see this and the regulars level of understanding…..very appreciated….

i’m regularly involved with customers who are ‘in to bushcraft’ at an entry level and they are often shocked when i quote them a price for a commission/one-off. i had it last week….a nice guy had made every effort to get me to do him a sheath….he even joined skype….we spoke, nailed it down….then as dwardo said…he ‘ran’.

left me feeling almost like he felt i was trying to rip him off. its nice to know that ‘more involved bushcrafters/the ‘family’, recognise the truth.

yes its tough….yes its tricky….i really dont know how to answer more accurately….have a look round at others….look inside yaself honestly….look at ya work honestly….and try to be fair.

yes weve all got mortgages and familys….but as long as you know in ya heart youre ”doing the right thing” then thats good enough imo.

as was said below by hibrion…..knife sheaths….seriously…i put my heart and soul into them….axe sheaths too….safety safety safety….but ‘pound for pound’ i make more profit from a ten minute hair barrette than i do a beautiful woodie sheath….

work (very very very veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery) hard, study, share, teach, be a good guy, itll fall into place with practice….




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