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Welcome and thank you for visiting our website!

Here you can see examples of my range of products, most of which are currently for sale and available in my Ebay Shop. I’m happy to give at least a 5% discount if you’d rather buy the item direct from me…please send me an email if you see anything you are interested in purchasing, or have any questions or commission requests. I have a computer here in the workshop and will usually answer very quickly, and if an item is already sold and you would like something similar, that’s no problem, just drop me a line. Soon I will also have a section here on my website offering items that will not be for sale elsewhere and a shopping cart available to use.

It all started literally from watching Ray Mears on television when I saw him using the sheath on his Gransfors Bruks axe…I needed one for my own Wilkinson Sword hatchet, went on ebay and bought the things I needed. I’m now a proud owner of many G.B. axes for which I make sheaths but, several years later, still find myself very much learning new things each and every day. To anyone interested in any traditional craft the only advice I would give you is not to bog yourself down overly worrying about ‘what the experts do’ but rather gather basic information on sites such as YouTube and then take the plunge…worry about the finer details once you are familiar with your materials. That’s where your skills will develop naturally and true talent will emerge as you follow your own path.

Have fun…and remember…safety first!

I also have Facebook, G+ and now a YouTube channel. Come and visit often…..

And, after our first couple of years ‘on the circuit’ we would like to say a big thankyou to all our customers!!!


Sonni, Angela, Oliver and Raffi!

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