Mark Hill Knives: Eagle Knife Review

Hi….my good friend Mark Hill (HillBill on BCUK) recently fired over one of his Eagle knives to be reviewed by John Fenna of…..thought you might like a read….Mark and I ‘turned pro’ around about the same time and he was one of my first BCUK friends…great guy with skills … Continue reading

Latest Work & Bushcraft Show Update

hi….now edgekoting the final bits and i’m all set….its been a mad one…. angela has been nagging me to do a few of what she calls my ‘signature sheath’ so i’ve managed to squeeze some in….a nightmare to make lol….also some belts and the last batch of axe masks….i’ve made … Continue reading

The Bushcraft Show Countdown Has Begun!!! WOOOHOOOO!

Ok…only a week to go….looking forward to seeing you all….will be loads!!!! of leatherwork on show as well as shineys from HillBill (who has also made the first blanks of my design!), Perrari and Dave Budd….and I’ve got two friends helping me out this year….BCUK’er Ammo and Craig of Leaflife … Continue reading

Burleigh Balm….From The States & Pathfinder Lead Instructor Jamie Burleigh!

Hi…today I received a package containing not only monster firesteels but also a load of tins of Burleigh Balm from Pathfinders Sir Burleigh….Jamie B on BCUK… Chris Caine and I will be trying a couple out and I’ll bring the remainder to the Bushcraft Show next week…Jamies Balm is well … Continue reading

Ray Mears Wilderness Axe Sheath, The First For Sale & Stock For The Bushcraft Show!

Hi….today the first customer, BCUK’er Steve13, received his new sheath and here’s the pic…I stamped it with a number 1 on the back to make it that little bit more special for him…glad you’re pleased mate! and today I did another video with Chris Caine which will be on his … Continue reading

Chris Caine Survival Knife Sheath…The First One!!!

Hi everyone….here it is…the first of its kind….I’ve re-drawn the template and made a couple of cosmetic changes… the first ten I make will be numbered but the very first one is going to Sir Tom Linden of The UK Preppers Radio Network (and only his will have his initials … Continue reading